Bună ziua!


So… long story, short: I was spitting distance from my dream job. I was so close to being a columnist, that I actually even wrote five columns — and had a pitch for a column series — for a Major Texas Newspaper*, or MTN, during my three years of being an editorial writer there.

Then, like with way too many journalists, I was laid-off in May 2018.

Now being laid off from a journalism jobs for the third time by the age of 30, I decided that maybe journalism — a career I have been pursuing for 15 years — wasn’t right for me anymore.

Luckily, being unemployed allowed me to consider a career change. It was terrifying endeavor — and not productive.

Though I am still working on that career change, something nagged at me. When I worked at MTN, my editorial focus landed on something I knew intimately well — Mental Health. I wrote more than 30 editorials on the subject and four of my five columns also covered a facet of it as topics (the other was about Wonder Woman because I am a giant geek).

Bringing about Mental Health awareness, criticizing and praising the change happening on local, state and national level and teaching the readers more about the complicated world of Mental health issues was my passion. So much so, that I was asked what I would do if I couldn’t write about mental health anymore. My answer: “I would quit.”

But instead of quitting, something else happened entirely — the job took such a toll on my own Mental Health, that I had to go on medical leave.

Then my job was gone.

But not my passion. Well, maybe for a bit — a story for another time.

So I find myself with a lot of time on my hands, 15 years of column writing skills and plethora of knowledge on Mental Health.

So this blog will be a vulnerable, messy look into living with Mental Health issues.

Maybe I can inform someone about the struggles of dealing with Mental Health issues — but hopefully someone will stumble across this blog and feel less alone.

That’s my goal. That’s always my goal.

Added bonus: A motivational gif for me as I work on this project. Now every time I check this page, I will see this:

*Due to multiple reasons, I am not going to name the newspaper