While riding the bus from Incheon International Airport, I watched the Korean scenery as I enjoyed my Coke Zero. In the front of the brightly colored bus (blue and red) was a flat screen playing some singing-game show.

Meh. The passing sights are better.

Building. Train (oh, fun!). Mountain. Steep most-surely-break-your-leg stone staircase. Lake…oh crap. Is that ice? Bah!

I glanced back to the T.V. Now there is a rope bridge involved. What’s going on?


I arrived in Korea to teach at Chungdahm Learning, a private institute, as an English Instructor. I’ll be here for a year. Yep. A whole year.

I was accepted into this program fall 2010, getting a position in the “April” branch of the company. Translation= I’ll be teaching 6, 7 or 8 year olds. This will be interesting. An experience. Which is awesome.

I’ll be teaching these youngsters in Hwaseong – a satellite city of Seoul. Think the Mansfield to its Dallas. And if you’re not from North Texas, think…I got nothing. It’s roughly an hour away from Seoul.

But before that, I have to train for a week in Seoul. That’s it. I have to learn how to teach in one week while dealing with jet lag. Fun.

But hey, at least I have my Coke Zero.


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