I trained last week at Chungdahm Learning’s training center in Seoul. One week of training with about 60 English-speaking trainees staying at the Coatel Hotel. Fun. Monday was orientation and then medical exam (which is a blog all on itself). But then Tuesday, we dove into the material.

April Institute, the branch I work in, has 5 levels: Seedbed, Seed, Sprout, Sapling and Junior Masters. Seedbed is phonics. Seed is basic sentences (“The Sea is Blue”). Sprout is a little higher, having actual stories (“There was a planet far away from Earth”). Sapling is more critical thinking. And Junior Masters…I don’t have any clue. We didn’t even go over it in training. But everyday we went over the material, prepping for the next day – the day we mock taught the lessons.

So essentially for a week, we acted like teachers while the other trainees acted like 7 year olds. We were given things to do. For example, starting a fight (that was mine!) or speaking Korean. It was tedious but helpful. Let’s hope I will be prepared for my first class today. Fingers crossed!



This was the hotel I stayed out while training in Seoul.


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