Not as exotic as you think

When I was in the States, everybody wanted to tell me that there wasn’t going to be anything remotely “normal” in Korea — which is bull.

Sure, I am in a different country across. Sure, the language is completely and utterly different (It’s still kicking my butt). And though Korea has its moments of oddness (well to a westerner), I haven’t really felt like I am completely detached from the States.

There is TONS of western brands and restaurants, like Bennigans. There is only two of these mystical restaurants in the DFW area (one is in the airport) and then right off the bat…there is one on my way to my hotel. Odd.

I have also found Vaseline lotion (a blessing because the air and water here is extremely dry), Dove soap, Pringles, Tesco brands (an English company) and Cheetos. And this is just naming a few.

And the businesses…well have a look at just a few I have found within about 10 miles (which is an uneducated guess).

This is really expensive.

I honestly don’t know if the haze in this pic is from a dirty lens or the smog in the city (which is very noticeable in Seoul).

Both of these are everywhere…

— Sara

P.S. I have only seen two McDonald’s since I arrived in Korea…Yay!


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