The most inefficient Friday ever

My last day of training, we had to check out of the Coatel Hotel at 8 a.m., which meant packing up my 90-100 lbs of luggage and lugging it downstairs. Then we (about 60 trainees) waited in the lobby for the two buses to take us, and our luggage, to the training center for the last time. Which was fine. I didn’t have any problem with this. But here’s where it gets…stupid.

Once we arrived, all 60 of us had to take our luggage up to the fifth floor. And in this particular building, there is one tiny elevator that fits like three people. Stupid. But luckily, we were smart and nice. So all of us started helping each other. The strapping men started carrying bags upstairs as one person stood next to the elevator, filling it with luggage as one person on the fifth floor emptied the elevator. It took an hour for 60 people to move about 240 (maybe about 20 less) pieces of luggage.

Then four hours later, after we mocked for the last time and got our contracts, we had to take all of the luggage back downstairs. Then we had to wait, basically in the street, for individual buses to pick us up in an hour.

My bus finally came and I gave the driver my bags. Then I sat in the van. About 10 minutes passed, then they told us that we might be in the wrong van. Another 30 minutes went by before they figured out we were in the right van.

Then when we got to Hwaseong, they dropped us off at our school (not our apartments). We (two other trainees work at the same branch) met with our branch manager, but they told me that the girl in my apartment hadn’t moved out yet…so I was to spend the night in a hotel.

I almost cried. I was so frustrated and tried from moving my luggage, I just wanted to unpack, for the last time, in my apartment.

She probably saw my face completely deflate, because she switched my apartment with a fellow trainee.

So in this Friday, I moved my luggage 4-5 times.

So stupid. But at least I got a nice apartment (I’ll show y’all in a future post).

— Sara

I don’t have any photo to depict my day (not that I would want one), so here’s a sign from my hotel…


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