My apartment

So after the ridcioulness that was Friday of training, I finally got to my apartment. And I was relieved. I have heard horror stories of having crappy apartments, so I prepared for the worse. But I like my apartment. Yay!

It’s a studio apartment and came with microwave, furniture (ish), washing machine and two wardrobes (which, apparently, is not common).

The fellow April teachers wanted to see it, and they told me that I got one of the best apartments. I have the biggest kitchen (which is now storing anything but kitchen supplies) and a big living area. Huzzah!

My living room/bedroom.

My Kitchen (April Institute gave me the kettle, pot, pan, mini broom-thing and trash can as a house warming gift…but no pillow. I had to sleep on a sweatshirt the first night. But one of the counselors gave me a pillow the next day).

Other part of the kitchen.

Bathroom (that blue/green thing is a shower curtain).

A very happy washing machine in the little outside/inside room (it plays a song when it’s done).


— Sara —


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