The cool thing about movie theaters here…

As I was shopping for clothes with no avail, I stumbled across a movie theater (CGV) on the third floor of the Enter-6 Style Museum (re: mall) in Dongtan.

I say stumbled because I saw a possible lunch option from the distance, but realized it was a concession stand (they have the normal movie-going fare…and beer).

Most of the films were subbed-Hollywood movies like Black Swan, Beastly, The Fighter, Rango. About a quarter of the theaters were for Korean films and some looked really interesting (but I could never see them in theaters).

Prices are about the same as American theaters.

But what makes Korean theaters awesome is the brochures.

Every film has a letter-sized brochure/info sheet with the poster on the front and the synopsis on the back. They remind me of DVD packaging.

So….I have been stealing these. I need something to put on my walls.

I am a big movie buff and seeing some of my new favorite films’ (cough, cough, Black Swan, cough) Korean poster is pretty neat.

Black Swan

Sucker Punch

The Fighter



P.S. I really want Emily Browning’s hair (the girl in Sucker Punch).


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