Where I live

This confused me at first.

Before I got to my city of Dongtan, people kept telling me I was going to Hwaseong and Dongtan.

Here’s an example conversation:

“Where are you going?”



“Hwaseong……” A pause. “Dongtan?”

“Ohhhh…Dongtan is a nice city.”

“Ok, but I thought I was going to Hwaseong.”

“You are.”

I was so confused. But I just got in the van they pointed to and hoped for the best.

Now, I understand (kinda).

Dongtan-dong is a pseudo city within an actual city (I guess the best example would be like Greenwich Village in Manhattan). Hwaseong-si is the city. And Gyeonggi-do is the county (something that you have to put in mailing addresses).

And I work in Bansong-dong…a completely different pseudo city (I can’t even use my frequent coffee card from Holly’s Coffee in Dongtan because I got it in Bansong — a five-minute walk away).

Anyhoo, Dongtan and Bansong are both surbia in every way. And both are less than 10 years old.

To walk to work, I pass three parks, a brand-new mall and like 18 different apartment complexes. Ok, not 18 but it’s a lot.

Actually Dongtan has the third tallest residential building in South Korea — Metapolis

Metapolis is in the background and a skate park in the foreground.

I like the city a lot, and it’s only a 40-minute bus ride away from Seoul. Awesome.

The “Skybridge” of the Enter-6 mall.

The more “urban” area of Dongtan.

The sign for the city.


— Sara


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