The COEX is an underground maze cleverly disguised as a mall.

The above-level entrance to the COEX Mall. 

There is an aquarium, casino, exhibition hall, movie theatre, actual theatre, conference center among the multitude of restaurants and stores.

And be prepared to get lost. I got lost three times the first time I went.

It has a great range of stores, most the Korean equivalent of the normal mall staples (music stores, clothes stores, food court, etc), but there are a couple neat stores.

Like an anime/nintendo store. Or a puzzle store. Or a robot-model store.

I have been able to find a good amount of “Sgt. Frog,” “Black Butler,” “One Piece” and “Case Closed” merchandise in these stores — something I haven’t found yet in the States.

And the bookstore, Bandi and Luni’s, has a great selection of English books. But English books are expensive. A mass-market paperbacks are $10-12 here (about $7 in USA) and normal paperbacks are around $21 (about $13-16 in USA).

Good thing I brought a lot of books with me.

COEX Mall is a great place to kill a couple hours (which I seem to be doing a lot). Maybe because the Samseong Station, the subway entrance to COEX, has an automated postal center (nobody knows where the post office is in Dongtan).

And I send a lot of mail.

An advertisement for Hite beer (a meh Korean beer). 

What’s a food court without a Sbarro?


— Sara



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