MapleStory (메이플스토리)

As I walked around class the other day, I was talking about Mario (an universal talking point with kids).

One student stopped me.

“You know MapleStory?”

“No. What is that?”

“Computer game.”

“Ah. Interesting. Now work on your thinking project.”

I continued passing out checking the work, I stopped at another student’s desk. I always thought he had a cool pencil case (which is the fashion accessory of April). It had chibi (kid-looking) anime characters dressed in Zelda-like garb.

Courtesy of

I picked up the pencil case, “Is this what you are talking about, Scott?”


Another girl had a pencil case with girls from MapleStory on it. By this time, I was more interested in this than the actual assignment.

So I pulled a chair up next to the only two girls in my class and they told me (in very broken English) about MapleStory.

MapleStory is an online, multi-player game created in South Korea by Nexon. It’s like World of Warcraft but cuter. And 2D. And a side-scroller. Very old school.

courtesy of

And TV Tokyo made an anime of the same name.

Though I can’t get on the game because I have a Mac, I found an iPod version of the game (MapleStory Thief Edition). It’s pretty standard stuff of level-ups and quests, just with cuter characters.

But, hey, it’s still a good way to make the bus ride to Seoul go by faster.


courtesy of

I have a feeling she (Wind Archer) is a bad***.


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