COEX Aquarium

Inside the COEX Mall is an extensive corkscrew of an aquarium.

The entrance to COEX Aquarium. 

The price is a bit steep (well as Korean tourist sites go) at $17 an adult ticket, but worth checking out if you are in the country and need a change of pace from palaces.

According to the COEX Aquarium website, there are “3,000 tons of water, 40,000 different animals, and 650 different species.”

I believe it. This place is massive.

The usual aquarium staples are present but there is one quirky section that I haven’t seen before. In this section was various random items converted into fishtanks. A phone booth, sink, toilet, fridge, postbox are among the oddities.

The paths wind around, showing the visitors the aquarium’s residents. And not all of them are sea life.

Ever-so-exotic groundhog.

The aquarium has a shark tank (that has a conveyor belt circling it), mantee, seal and more fish that I ever need to see.

The shark tank was meh, but something else made up for it….

Penguins! A dozen or more! It’s the most penguins I have seen in one area before.

And this unusual creature.

A two-headed turtle. 

Below are more pics to enjoy, but if you want to see even more pictures and videos, visit my page’s facebook page, Cross-Pacific Paper Airplanes.

— Sara



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