Happy Buddha’s Birthday!

Today (well according to Korea) is Buddha’s 2,555th birthday. Huzzah!

And in Seoul, there was a huge Lotus Lantern Parade on Saturday, May 7, celebrating the birthday.

Buddha (or the “awakened one”) is the essentially the father of Buddhism, an ancient eastern religion. Buddhism is the second most-practiced religion in South Korea, following Christianity.

This monk pulled out his own snack bag and gave away his juice box, crackers and some candy to some kids watching the parade.

Kids might have gotten snacks from monks but someone gave me something awesome from the parade.

A traditional paper lantern with a candle inside.

The entire block was covered with lanterns and their glow. It was the best Saturday in Korea I have had yet.

Videos and more pics will be up on the facebook page later on today….


— Sara


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