I am finally getting the hang of chopsticks… kinda.

Well the wood ones anyway.

But in most restaurants, they are metal. They are thinner, with flat sides and doesn’t have the texture to make food stick a little better. So they give me trouble.

And apparently I don’t hold chopsticks right. I can’t seem to manage them when holding them “right.” So I hold them to only way that is comfortable (I hold my pens weird too). I don’t really care as long as food gets from my plate to my mouth.

But one of the first weeks I was here, I had a waiter chuckle and give me a fork (포크) during the middle of my diner. Never again!

So I went to the store, bought me a three pack of chopsticks (for about $2) and try to eat one meal a day with them.

If I accomplish only one thing in this year in Korea, it is going to be that no one gives me a fork out of pity again!


My chopsticks with some wicked-good ramen (라면)


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