Myeongdong Cathedral

Since traveling around Europe for essentially 3 months, I have been kinda churched-out.

So when I read about a famous church in my Lonely Planet guide, I usually pass it by. I’ll see them eventually. Just not right now.

Then I got lost and stumbled across Myeongdong Cathedral of the Seoul Archdiocese, the first Roman Catholic parish in Korea.

Quick background:

The first group, Myeong-Nae-Bang, gathered in this area in 1784, but the church wasn’t built or concentrated until 1898 ( Why? Let’s just say, Catholicism wasn’t received very well when it was introduced in Korea.

It’s a beautiful church, and it’s interesting to see little quirks that make it more “eastern” church.

The signs were in Korean (foiled again!), but I am pretty sure that is Kim-Bum-U, one of the leaders of the Myeong-Nae-Bang. The cathedral was built on the location of his house. 

When I went, a wedding was taking place. After a few dirty looks for taking pictures inside the cathedral, I left.

But a cool find to stumble across on your way to H&M.

— Sara


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