How to get glasses in Korea

Step 1: Scope out your students glasses (about 80% of my students have them) to determine which styles or colors you want. Color glasses are normal in Korea.

Step 2: Walk into one of the hundred glasses shops in the immediate area.

Step 3: Pray that the optometrist speaks English. If not, repeat step 2.

Step 4: Sit in front of some medical contraption that jumps from unfocused to focused for 30 seconds while the guy says nothing.

Step 5: Do the usual eye-exam in half the time. Then he magically picks the right prescription the first time. Step 4 and 5 take 10 minutes.

Step 6: Spend the next 30 minutes figuring out which of the ₩10,000 ( $9.27) frames you want, while sipping on a Korean soda he randomly gives you. If you can’t choose, pick three.

Step 7: Listen to the man tell you that lenses with UV protection are  ₩70,000 ($65) and “no reflection” lenses are  ₩100,000 ($92.86).

Step 8: Pay the man the amount you paid for one pair of glasses in the States for three pairs of glasses.

Step 9: Come back the next day and pick up the glasses after he makes sure they fit properly.


— Sara


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