There are five palaces in Seoul.

And Gyeongbokgung Palace is the coolest.

This palace was built by the Joseon Dynasty (the powerhouse in Korea’s history) and houses more than 15 buildings, two pools, many gardens and 600-years worth of history.

Not bad for about $3 bucks.


The problem with Korean palaces is that everything startes getting repetitive. One building looks the same as the others. You could even get lost.

But the grounds are beautiful, especially for Gyeongbokgung.

The palace’s construction started in 1394 and most of the main area was built by 1554. Then in 1592, the Japanese burnt the palace down after an invasion. It wasn’t until 1865 that any member of the Joseon Dynasty started rebuilding. Then in 1895, Queen/Empress (depending on which history book you’re reading) Myeonseong was assassinated in the private villa behind the main hall.

The pond separating the main halls from the private villa.

Be prepared to wander around for a few hours, looking at the different (yet same-looking) buildings. But it will be enjoyable, and there is a “changing of the guard” at various times (I have yet to see/find a schedule).

If you had to visit one of the five palaces in Seoul — Gyeongbokgung would be the one to see.


— Sara

P.S. remember that there will be more pictures and videos on my facebook page!

The main hall (Geungjeong-jeon). 


My brochure


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