How’s the weather?

So this is what seasons are like.

I can actually feel that it became summer in Korea, instead of thumbing through a planner and thinking “When did it become June?!”

For those living outside of Texas, the joke is that Texas’s four seasons are “almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas.” It was in the 70s when I left four months ago (four months?! When did that happen?).

Now, it’s in the 80s during the day and the high 60s/low 70s during the night. It’s really quite enjoyable. But my coworkers complain about it being too hot….ha!…it’s perfect right now.

Except for the humidity. The humidity level is almost always above 50% (today it was 60%). So it’s muggy all the time. Texas is in the same humidity weight class, but for the teachers not from the South…they all hate it.

And as I glance at the 10-day forecast, I noticed that, after Tuesday, there will be rain for the next nine days.


And I have accumulated three umbrellas in four months because of the frequency of the rain. I’m from Texas…bringing an umbrella was never part of my daily checklist. But after getting soak as I waited for the bus, I learned my lesson.

So if you ever visit Korea in the summer, remember to bring/buy an umbrella and be prepared to sweat (and not to forget about a Twix bar in your purse).

— Sara

Random photo!


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