Back home, the elevator in my boyfriend’s building took its sweet time.

It contemplated whether it would lose its identity if it actually responded to the call button. It didn’t like the “close door” button so it ignored it. It did like to randomly check on floors, seeing if anyone wanted to ride it. And sometimes, the life of the this elevator would get too stressful and the poor thing would shut down.

Yeah….that’s not a problem here.

Elevators are extremely efficient and impatient. And they don’t have door sensors (learned that the hard way).

In my work building, there are three elevators. One call button calls only one elevator. So you have to actually judge which one will have the best odds of being first. Little school kids are pros at this.

In other buildings, the elevator system gets weird. There will be three elevators, but one only goes to 1,2,5,7,8 and the other will got to 1,3,F,6,9 or some similar nonsense. If you are lucky, the third elevator will be a normal one.

And four is considered an unlucky number so in various buildings, there will be a “F” instead of “4” or the fourth floor will be “missing” entirely.

Cheers for random posts!!

— Sara


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