Hello Again!

It was been a great while since I have been on this blog.  I actually was going to let it die…coast into Neverwhere while I enjoy being in Texas. But I have been itching to travel (And my trip to Iceland in May 2013 is soooooo far away) so the boyfriend and I started being tourists in our own state. Why? Because, lets be honest: Texas is intriguing. From my travels abroad, I find that Texas is one of the states everyone can name. And most of these state-guessing individuals have questions about the Lone Star State.  People are curious.

Well be curious no more! I aim to learn more about this humongous chunk of land. South Korea could fit into Texas seven times. Seven! Think of the randomness I can find!


— Sara

The number one question non-Texans ask me is “Do you own a gun?” I don’t. But I do own a Demarini.  Does that count?

Teaser to next post:

More photos will be uploaded to the Facebook page today, and I will be back soon!


About Sara Pintilie

A journalist being curious in her own state of Texas. Huzzah!
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