56th Annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas

During the rainy day of last Saturday, we visited the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church for their annual Greek Food Festival. I’ve never been before, but I wasn’t interested in the food (ok…maybe a little). I wanted to go on the free tour of their church.


Here’s a view of the beauty in the inside below: Image

For more photos, visit the facebook page!

Outside of the church was, of course, a plethora of Greek food, beverages and a marketplace. Since the rain was mucking up the plans, most people tried to stay in a dry place. But the food was amazing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t extremely hungry when we arrived, so I only got a Greek beer called Fix and “Greek Fries.” The fries were plain jane fries smothered in a great Greek seasoning. But the boyfriend was nice enough for me to try his Loukaniko Sandwhich, a Greek sausage in a Pita. Yay boyfriend!


Unfortunately the rain kept the dancing away but overall, it was a good way to kill a Saturday.

For more information, visit http://www.greekfestivalofdallas.com/default.asp.

Have a good weekend! And see more pics at my facebook page!

— Sara


About Sara Pintilie

A journalist being curious in her own state of Texas. Huzzah!
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