Photo of the Week

Week 13’s photo

A building in near the Kyobo Tower in Gangnam district.

Week 12’s photo

A metal artwork that I found in Suwon of the Hwaseong Fortess.

Week 11’s photo

The massive screen on the side of Seoul Square.

Week 10’s photo

A cosplayer dressed as Misa from “Death Note,” a popular anime. Taken at the 102th Comic World anime convention.

Week 9’s photo

The lanterns at Cheonggye Stream in Seoul.

Week 8’s photo

Taken at the COEX Aquarium.

Week 7’s photo

A model at the Seoul Int’l PHOTO & IMAGING Industry Show 2011

Week 6’s photo

Yay! Coke!

Week 5’s photo

The Seoul Summit statue right outside the COEX mall.

Week 4’s photo

Taken on my way to the Palaces (Changgyeong and Changdeok) in Seoul.

Week 3’s photo

Taken on the Changgyeong Palace’s ground (near a beautiful pond). This Ancient palace is one of five in the city of Seoul.

Week 2’s photo

Taken as I was leaving the Gangnam Station in Seoul.

Week 1’s photo

Taken in Seoul from my hotel window. It is a rooftop where apparently that building keeps their trash. And the worn symbols are Korean.


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